Acquisition of JC Éditions digital publisher

JC Éditions

Acquisition of JC Éditions digital publisher

We are pleased to announce the acquisition by beConect inc. of JC Éditions, a digital publisher in French. This acquisition coincides with the launch of the historical novel Madeleine, Le Péché (famous witch story in the 17th century) by the author Diane Stall, first volume of the Louis Saga. JC Éditions will gradually publish a back catalog of titles, as well as novelties in fiction and essay genres.

JC Éditions sells rights of paper format in French, and rights in languages other than French, to third-party publishers.

JC Éditions’ digital publications are available in major digital bookstores such as Kobo, Amazon and Apple.

Madeleine, Le Péché is now available in digital format on Kobo and Amazon stores.